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Retirement comes to us all   eventually

If you think this domain could be of use to your future adventures

Touch base and make me an offer i can't refuse.

my contact details are all over my webpages.

Look forward to chat with another visionary.

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I will give you a free copy of 2  Software  programs that are i feel


to control a Microsoft computer..  I've used these for nearly 10 years

to ward off   Crap software and nasty websites.

Cheers milton H



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milton H




Computeabull   (1975-2017) 

Bulls , Wanganui, Marton, Feilding, Palmerston North.



If you need an ELECTRONIC  SOl-ution ... Give Me a call


I can design from the ground up   ---  check out one of my projects..--  Simsystems


Cloud enabulled and ready to run  .....  Computeabull (2017)

wiith new blood for the next 20 years

Electronics   and   PC  Repairs & upgrades.

Rural UFB, VDSL, 3G/4G/LTE broadband  


Computers,   IoT      and    Custom ELECTRONIC  solutions in rural Rangitikei.



Ring    021 139 3924 ...   Milton     dialup test



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